About Movicity

Our values

Our business philosophy is mainly based on

Efficiency and Compliance

In Movicity we focus on our customers, so we are concerned that the services are performed in the schedule and delivery times planned and to the knowledge of our customers. That is why we have routes that comply with departures and arrivals in the established times for better service, which has also led us due to our transparency to be a trusted company, without detracting from the expectations of safety and comfort.

Quality and Excellence

We work with quality standards of service, respect for the environment and risk prevention, acting with social responsibility and generating value in each of our services, in order to achieve the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


We are constantly keeping up to date with the changes in the market so we generate strategies based on our solid knowledge and experience in the field, creativity, and adapting to new technologies for change and continuous improvement of our services.


We have a highly trained team to provide quick and efficient solutions where decision making and generating a quick action plan has led us to have very fruitful results.

Datos Movicity

Hub distribution 1,500 mts2
Level of Service 99.7% 2022
To date, we have 263,000 packages in distribution in 2022, with more than 52,000 deliveries per month.
Operating + 4,000 routes to date by 2022

Transporte de Carga Pesada

Brindamos un servicio de calidad en transporte de carga, como paquetería, carga ligera y pesada, trasladando la mercadería donde nuestro cliente lo solicite ya sea a nuestras bodegas u otra dirección.


Consolidamos pedidos respetando los requerimientos específicos de cada carga para hacer entregas eficientes.
Cobertura / Cumpliemiento en ventanas de entregas / Visibilidad / Evidencia de Entrega / Administración de Riesgos / Entrega Inventariada / Cuidado en la convivencia de Mercancía


We consolidate orders respecting the specific requirements of each cargo to make efficient deliveries.
Compliance with delivery windows
Evidence of delivery
Risk management
Delivery inventoried
Care in the coexistence of goods
Our executives are available to answer your questions.
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